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AFB Kenya Limited, is a Venture Capitalist specializing in Investment Capital, Corporate Financing, SME Financing, Business and Asset Financing, Auto logbook loans, Personal Loans, Equity and Asset Management across a range of investment classes in Kenya.

We are fully committed to providing excellent, timely and affordable services to all our customers across the country to meet their financing needs.

AFB business model seeks to address Kenya’s main challenges of financial access and affordability. With more than 65% of Kenya’s population dependent on agriculture to afford, access and to use financial services to improve their living standards, productivity and general wellbeing is our goal.

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What Our Clients Say

avatar Rashid Khan, Mombasa Client

We were previously using an unreliable company with a very complicated registration and interest rates calculation process. Then we found AFB Limited and the control came back to us.

avatar M. Richard, Nairobi Client

Whether you’re looking to to invest or do some personal errands, AFB Kenya is always there to get your sorted.

avatar Carol A., Nairobi Client

With their experience, AFB ensures hustle free and timely loan delivery. Their qualified employees have excellent customer service too. I recommend them 100%.

avatar M. Githuka, Kisumu Client

Very Satisfied. The process from start to finish was very straightforward and I'll surely refer my friends to you. Continue with the good work.

avatar Mitchelle, Eldoret Client

I received my loan this Monday, everything was super easy, the team has great response and timely delivery, i am grateful. Thanks AFB-Kenya, I'll be bringing my friends soon.